Episode 62: Introduction to Spiritual Practices and the Enneagram

This is a very special episode! Unlike previous podcasts, today's episode is the introduction (first hour) of Suzanne and Joe's workshop, Spiritual Practices and the Enneagram. As it was being edited, it was incredible how many of your questions get answered in the first hour. It was too great not to share!

The hour includes some enneagram introductory information, enneagram history, some next step wisdom. Suzanne addresses trauma, Joe reaches out to Spiritual Directors and Clergy. What is Essence, and why should we do soul work or participate in Spiritual Practices? The 3 Centers of Intelligence, Enneagram Triads, Enneagram Stances, and, and, and!

We hope you grow from this podcast, and if you are interested in hearing the rest of the workshop, it will be available at lifeinthetrinityministry.com and suzannestabile.com beginning July 15th!

Welcome to The Journey! Let's grow deeper together!

Joel Stabile