Episode 60: Caroline (4) and Ann (8) Willet

Ann and Caroline have been on a Journey that has included the Enneagram for 7 years now after they attended Suzanne's workshops back in 2012. A lot of people think that 4s and 8s have much in common, and many believe that they are soooooo different. This podcast addresses both sides and talks about how their relationship has evolved as they've grown. What are the differences in parenting young children and adult children? And though he didn't know it, Loren, Ann's husband and Caroline's father, an enneagram 9, gets caught in the conversation's cross hairs as well! 

There is so much gold from both the parent and daughter angle, about both the aggressive and withdrawing stance, someone who deals so much with shame and someone who deals often with anger. I hope you, and your family and friends can glean as much from it as I did!

Joel Stabile